sunset cullera
Yesterday, I had another long walk this time I went to the hills. I specifically choose to live in a place surrounded by hills and the sea. It will be the same setting in the next place that I’m going to live (Castelldefels, Barcelona).
I did release on AGFLAP-CAP (Apathy,Grief,Fear,Lust,Anger,Pride – Courage,Acceptance,Peace) and some beliefs that I no longer need. I think that doing AGFLAP-CAP release while walking in a quiet place is really the best. It really promotes inner calmness.

cullera montana
When I reached the top of the hill, I was in CAP (Courage, Acceptance and Peace). Usually, I NEVER see wildlife when I go there but for the first time. I saw a big grey rabbit. I didn’t know we have rabbits over here. I also arrived on time for the sunset.

cullera sunset

sunset of Cullera

sunset cullera

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