Here, in the Valenciana province, we are well in the middle of the Fallas. Lot of tourists and noise out there, it has been non-stop parties in the streets for more than a week. I have to say my interest in the Fallas is small….I went yesterday in Valencia city center to take a few pictures. I will put them all on Flirck site later.


This year the show was a lot less impressive than in 2008, may be, it is due that so-called “crisis” people forever lament about…
Last year, I missed the most important moment of the Fallas because I went to China, this year, I will miss the final because I will be in Barcelona. My friends in Barcelona are doing a bye-bye party they go to India for a couple of months. They asked me if I could join them later , this is an interesting idea, but I doubt, I could make it, I have things to do in here.


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  1. roos 15 ans Il y a

    Great pictures!!!!

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