Today, I finally received my recording equipments (To create guided meditations that will be sold on my French website). The installation was long and painful but at the end, I managed to make it all work well. I decide to go for a long walk with a friend. It was quite hot 30º C (86º F).
We started by the beach at front of my apartment.

Cullera – Playa Sant Antoni
Me and my friend, we do not talk much so I used the opportunity to do release on AGFLAP-CAP (Release on Apathy, Grief, Fear,Lust, Anger, Pride – Courage, Acceptance, Peace).

At the end of the beach, there is a little river.
cat river cullera
Cullera- Cats playing by the riverside
There are a lot of cats playing around and some people are fishing. It is a peaceful place that promote relaxation.
We continued walking on the road along the riverside. The road was extremely quiet and tranquil. I did some more release on a project.
Walking like this on a tranquil road near the river on a sunny day raised our vibrations.
cullera road river
Cullera – road by the river
At some point, we were on a bridge and my friend took a picture of me.
We found a beautiful view of the hills and the castle. So we took a picture. It was kind of romantic.
cullera vista
We walked some more until the point where we arrived back in the town. There we went to a store to get some foods for the night. When we arrived home. I got an email that say “Affiliate Sale Notification” I made a nice and small $29 during that walk.
So instead of doing what I SHOULD DO and what I MUST DO. I did what was joyful and I didn’t lost any money on the contrary I made some.

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