“You don’t want to be like everyone else. Why would anyone want to be a ‘cookie cutter’ image? Everyone wants to wear a certain kind of jeans, because, ‘well, everybody wears that’. Why does everyone want to wear a leather jacket of a certain kind? ‘Because, everybody does it’. Where is your individualism? That is what you have lost. You don’t become an individual; you don’t achieve your goals if you’re following like everyone else. It doesn’t work that way.” Datre

Question: Hi, I have been trying for the past six year to achieve a goal. But, I haven’t made much progress. I have difficulty to do my training and to follow through my plans. Can you help me?


Obviously, if you do something and it does not work, It is perhaps time to do something else.

You have been working six years on that goal. Alright, one successful approach to goals is to find someone who is already successful in that field and to model on him.

You can try one model, several models and mix the approach you learned from various role models.

If you have done that and you have no result whatsoever, it is maybe that you might not be on your own path.

Another successful approach to goal achievement is to follow what the success-coaches advocate if you have done that and you still see not many results then maybe you are not on your true path.

You mentioned that you had difficult to go through your plans and training and so on. Maybe, this is not what your soul want you to do. Maybe, your soul doesn’t give a hoot about your plans and training. See, trying to be someone you are not is a path to exhaust, fatigue and failure.

Let take your goal, what do you hope you will get if you achieve it ?

Is there a way, you could have what you hope to get from your goal by following truthfully your genuine path  or simply by giving yourself that thing you are hoping to get out there in the world.

There is nothing in the world that you can’t give to yourself. If you hope that your goal will give you peace, you can certainly give yourself the peace that you want without that goal.

You can give yourself  peace by fully welcome it into your life.

If you want to something, then do something that your soul genuinely want to do.

You will have to reconnect with your childhood dreams, and aspirations long before you got brainwashed by the mass media and these many false goals that your soul probably do not give a crap.



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