I’m back in Spain, I really enjoyed my travel to Quebec so far this is one of the best travel I made during this last three years. Lot of things happened and it made me think a lot. I believe my days are now counted in my small town, chance is that I don’t renew the rental contract however it depends of many factors.

Now, when I think about it all the interesting things that happened to me since I moved here , happened elsewhere than in my small town. Nothing happens in this small town, I don’t have any friends and I don’t know anyone, as I understand the place is great for meditations and stuffs like this no one will ever disturb you over here people just don’t care you exist however in other areas of development if I stay here I will have little growth.

The friends I have in Spain are either in Madrid or Barcelona, all these people who approach me in the streets they have something in common …they are for 99 % of them foreigners mostly from USA, Canada and UK and I met my Canadian girlfriend in Barcelona. I would like to improve my income I have ideas how to do it but I would like to move in an area where I can have some social life because I can apparently learn something from that I have stayed long enough alone in my beachfront apartment it is time for a change, the rental contract end in February 2009 so I have times to work on improving my income and choosing a new area to live.

I’m considering a few places:


It is convenient to live in Barcelona the capital of Catalunya, the city lives late, being there can serve well many of my projects this is the sole Spanish city where I have more than two friends. I wont be alone long in Barcelona because for the little time I have been there I was always approached by people, they came to chat me up, mostly young girls (American and spanish)

Problem: Many Catalans are openly racists not all Catalans all my Spanish are Catalans , no matter what is your nationality at one point you will be victim of Catalans racism, I know German , French, Belgian , Brazilian that have been victim of Catalan racism, I myself had to deal with damaging Catalans prick.

I give this city : 4 / 10


Madrid is great, always some kind of action over there, however, I just know two persons over there and there is no guarantee that I will know more, aside from the English tourists which I found friendly the Madrilans are quite cold individual.
I know of a German guy who used to live there, he went into depression , he was so lonely and finally went back to live in Germany, I remember his words of disgust “puta madrid, puta todo”; this incident isn’t uncommon in Spain. It is actually difficult to make friends with Spanish people regardless where you come from. The friends I have in Madrid are from Chile and Switzerland.

As far as making more money, Madrid seems a city I could do well.

I give this city : 4,5 / 10


I love NYC this is such a cool place, lot of actions and being there can advance many of my projects, I don’t know anyone in NYC but then again when I’m in the U.S, I’m constantly approached by people who want to chat with me, I will not have a problem making some friends I believe. I’m also a lot better treated when I’m in USA and Canada than when I’m in Spain.
People there don’t assume upfront that I’m an illegal immigrant from Senegal selling crap on the beach.

I give this city: 7 / 10


I loved Montreal it was so great, I was very relaxed when I was there and people are friendly, I saw no dark spot about Montreal, may be, I should learn more about the city…

I give this city: 8 / 10


Quebec was great , great people there in fact now that I’m back in Spain , I see the big difference, I have a renewed understanding of what being well treated mean.

I give this city: 10 / 10

Now, well, my priority is on money making then I go elsewhere, my small town is OK for a certain kind of development the kind that require silence and solitude however I believe I’m getting the lesson well in a couple of months I will move elsewhere, where I can learn about other things. There is no point to stay here.

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  1. Roman 16 ans Il y a

    Never tought about Brazil?
    The problem here are the big cities like São Paulo and Rio, with high crime tax, drugs, and very high traffic…
    I don’t like cities too crowded…

  2. Auteur
    Louis Yagera 16 ans Il y a

    No not really, they are a lot of brazilians in my village and they arent really friendly , this is not encouraging…

    However, I met Brazilians tourists in Barcelona and they were very friendly in contrast, so,…

    but then I dont speak the language, I prefer a place where I speak the language

  3. Roman 16 ans Il y a

    Yes, you’re right. In my case I would like to go to places where people talk English, because that’s why I learned English after all! And I like it.
    Now I just wait for an oportunity to do it…

  4. Auteur
    Louis Yagera 16 ans Il y a

    One of my friend (Spanish) wants to improver her French and English, may be, I will move with her ..that will be great.

    May be, you join us ?

    Why don’t you “manifest” your opportunity ?

  5. Roman 16 ans Il y a

    That will be great!

    I just have to figure it out how to manifest it…

  6. Auteur
    Louis Yagera 16 ans Il y a

    Rule number one of manifesting : Never care about the how-to part…

    You should really read or listen again Klaus book Money is Love

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