I’m back to Brussels, it is currently snowing (that’s very good)
I went to the China embassy, they did my visa in 20 minutes, I paid € 63 euro for it.
I love China efficiency, rapid service, no questions asked…
Try to get a visa for Ghana, you will cry a lot some countries just don’t get it. They
ask you simply too much useless stuffs.

On the 27th I will fly to Helsinki (Finland) then there I have a connection flight to
Guangzhou (Guandong, China), I will stay 2 or 3 days there then I have a two hours
train ride to Hong Kong, I don’t know how long I will stay in that city depending the opportunity
I will either take a flight for Shanghai or I go to Thailand in Bangkok, I will see.

I took this pic earlier before the snow, it is a pic of the EU council of ministers building taken
from the Leopold park, a park I used to go almost every day for a walk.

Brussels EU

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