I have two new friends my first two genuine chinese friends, a man called Nico and a woman called Nancy. I met Nico in his shop, he was reading a book with the cathedral of St. Gudule on the cover (This is a cathedral in my hometown of Brussels, this is where kings marry) His book was a french study course. He likes French a language good for business because the african living in Guangzhou speak French, they are from Senegal, Congo, Ivory coast all these countries where they speak french. I told Nico French is my native tongue. I gave him a long French lesson, he also taught me about Chinese however I’m not sure what I’m learning Madarin or Cantonese ?

Nancy is my other new friend, she works at one of the four restaurants in my hotel, she is the one who assign you with a table , I don’t remember what that job is called. She is very very beautiful perfect face, perfect smile, perfect hair and make up, she looks like the women in the Chinese fashion magazine. In fact reading fashion magazine is one of her hobby. I asked her how to go to some nice parks, zoo, monuments , she told me she has no idea about that but she does know where all the cool shops are….
She is very friendly , caring and we are attracted to each other, she asked me if I have a girlfriend (good question) when I left the restaurant today she gaves me a discount…it was funny because I didnt understand her pronuniciation of the word ‘discount’, I thougth she said ‘discard’ but finally she explained to me with other words.

The days are sunny again I will manage to find nice parks and places to visit, like everyone Nico and Nancy work long hours, they can’t come with me….

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