Day 1:

The plane took off of Brussels airport at 9.30 am the 27th (March). It landed at Guangzhou airport the 28th at 8.30 am , the flight was long very long and I suffered a bit of jet lag that day.
I visitED some part of the city during the morning my guide was a Congolese man called Eric, Guangzhou is packed with a lot of rich African buying stuffs for their business in Africa, they usually pay a guide a young African guy speaking Chinese and familiar with the city. This city is the Universe of low-cost everything is cheap. This is good.
I like the climate it is just like Congo, it is hot with humidity.
My hotel is the Ocean Plaza a decent four-star for the price. I regret no wireless Internet here.


Day 2:

Shopping day, the shopping area of Guangzhou is huge, it remind me a bit of the time square area in New York however here it is ten times bigger, the city center is packed with all sort of shops and international chains (McDonald, Starbuck, KFC, Carrefour), I manage to buy a few pairs of shoes and some shirts.
A particularly beautiful and elegant Chinese girl attracts my attention, it is good, because I also attracted her attention. She greets me with her hand. People seem to be very interested in my hair. They come near me and they comment , however I don’t speak any Mandarin or Cantonese so I can’t make a discussion. Eric told me that if I want to marry a Chinese girl that will be easy, they think African guys have money because those travelling in Guangzhou do indeed have a lot of money, I travelled with an African lady, she came here for Business, she had 100 000 euro cash for her pocket money.
The European have the opposite illusion, they think Africans are poor. Because, Europe is the number one destination for Africans with no money, when they have money they go to nice place China, Thailand or Japan.
I end that shopping day by a visit to a park, some old people are doing tai chi chuan in the park. The park is beautiful.

Guangzhou park

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  1. mistyeyed 16 ans Il y a

    Hi, Louis:

    Aweome photos and videos. I think your travel logs are wonderful

    I know a lot of aspiring travel writers post their stories on You should check it out – you can even publish some of your clips and photographs!

    Right now, is holding a contest where every entry is entered for a chance to win a free trip to Key West or Belize. Your story of Guangzhouwould be perfect for it and here is the link to China:

    Thanks again for your great blog — and happy travels!


    Oh, by the way, be sure to add me at as a friend when you visit Viscape. I’d love to connect with you there as a kindred aspiring travel writer!

  2. jan 16 ans Il y a

    wau, nice. good pictures, especially no 1

  3. sherry 15 ans Il y a

    Welcome to Guangzhou!!

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