Louis and LotusThe worst case scenario is when you fall in love for someone in a distant country, one of my friend is in this situation. I almost put myself in this situation with the cute Nancy and now with my new friend Lotus the one on the picture but then this is my last day so I can’t develop anything with any of them at this point, I go home.

My next destination is Peru, Chile or Thailand, I will go back to China, I want to visit shanghai and I want to return here in Guangzhou and Hong Kong they are amazing cities. Lotus is supposed to phone me in a few days when I will be home (the trip to home is super long), may be she will work on me to the point that I return to China sooner than excepted…we will see:)
Louis and Lotus 2

The trip to home, I have 9 hours of flight to Helsinki (Finland) there I will wait a connection during 3 hours after I have a two hours flight to Brussels. I will spend the night in Brussels with the Family and the next day I have another two hours of flight to Valencia. I live 1h30 from the airport.

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  1. Roman 16 ans Il y a

    Hey Louis!

    How do you have time and money to travel this much?:)

    I barely can go out of my city, here in Brazil.

    What a lifestyle of yours!

  2. Auteur
    Louis Yagera 16 ans Il y a

    Everything will fall into place, if you learn to consciously create your reality

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