Yesterday was quite a day, we endured very heavy rainfall from about 10.30 am until this morning at the peak of the rainfall, we got 327 Liter of rain per square meter during 4 hours, it was yesterday afternoon. I was stuck at home unable to go at the supermarket to buy some food today I have been able to shop, the weather is better but still very grey sky.
The nearby town of Sueca (5 Kilometers from here) got the worse of all. That town is flooded, we got almost no damage here in Cullera (Valencia, Spain) because we are basically a group of hills at front of the sea, so the rain just cascaded in the streets and went on the beaches but in Sueca they are inland without the hills, mountains and the sea. Lot of damages there.

This used to be a parking now it is a lake (Cullera)

Devastated beach (Cullera)

Take your boots (Cullera)

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