Chinese Renmimbi Yuan
One of the note is fake , which one ?

This morning I took a taxi and the driver gave me fake money …. fake money is really a desease over here. People told me to check all the times if my notes are fake. Especially the 100 RMB note, the change the taxi driver gave me was of a small 10 RMB (may be something like € 1,9 euro)
Taking a cab here is always an adventure, however, I went back at my hotel with a nice taxi driver, he taught me a few chinese words. I noticed I meet a lot more people when I travel alone outside of Europe.I met interesting people today in Guangzhou but If I go to Vienna, Berlin or London alone chance is that I will stay alone the whole trip. Europeans seem to be very scared of contact with other people. I think I will give up travelling in Europe for a while may be only to visit my friends in the UK.

It is still very rainy, they announced sunny weather for the week end, I hope that will be the case.:)


This is an answer to Yun’s question, he saw now I eat meat, well, when I travel I usually adopt the foods from the local, I’m pragmatic I went to vegan diet not because of some ‘esoteric’ beliefs but because after 30 days of test, the vegan diet proved itself efficient , it improved my concentration, skyrocketed my result with the Gateway Experience…other than that I don’t have much reasons to be on a vegan diet.

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  1. Richard 15 ans Il y a

    Neither of them is fake. They are just two different editions!

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