Dublin’s Underground Beat is an event, a happening. Now the underground beat has joined forces with the wonderful support of DCTV and exceptional talent of Louis Yagera, a Belgian filmmaker who has made Dublin his home and passion. The result is a show which has its finger on the pulse of the underground of one of Europe’s, if not to say the worlds, most vibrant capital cosmopolitan cities – Dublin.

It is hosted and presented by Jonathan Mc Glinn, aka Johnny Rayge, a multi-instrumentalist/performer/published poet and is a platform for performers and artists from all schools and all levels to present their beautiful, poignant, humourous, sometimes political and always heartfelt work. A communion of creative minds cooperating, combining and mutually respecting the expression of being. The show is packed with interviews and performances of original work. Enjoy the Underground as it begins to come Overground.

The first series of Dublin’s Underground Beat will broadcast on DCTV (available on and UPC 802) every Thursday for the next six weeks at 9.03pm.


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