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I often speak with young people who are in colleges , universities or who just graduated.  They often tell me that they are not sure if  they want to work in their chosen fields even if they supposedly like that field.

Some of them even studied things they did not like. They did it because their parents told them to do it or because they think they would get job security if they graduate in a field that pay well.

What is my ideal career ? What job  will provide me with joy and prosperity ?

One way to see  this is from the angle that you already know what you want to do, but they are some issues.They are strong fear of failure or even success and in many cases feelings of guilt, shame, not deserving. In this context, there is the tendency to look for something else thus pretending you do not know what you want to do. It would be too painful to be aware of your dream  while in the same time  you know you can never have  it because you feel too poor about you.

“I know what I deeply want to do in the bottom of my heart, but, I feel shit about myself. So I’m looking for something else to do, but I have no idea what it is”

It often comes with a string of excuses and justifications such as “I’m not sure I can be financially supported if I pursue my dream”, “I’m not talented enough”, “I doubt”, ”I’m afraid of”,”I’m too _____(fill in the blank)”

From this angle, the solution is simple. It consists to let go or release your resistances toward what you want to achieve. Let og of all the negative attitudes toward the self.

Make a list of reasons why you can not have your dream:


“I’m not born with a golden spoon”

“I cannot be a movie superstar if I do not live in  L.A”

“‘I’m not skilled enough”

“I do not like myself much”

Then let go of all those barriers. You can use methods such as the release technique, Sedona or EFT.

You will notice that once you let go of resistances toward what you want you can easily allow it in your life. If you feel very poor about your dream, you are not going to get it, but if you feel good about it then it is easier.

The other way to approach this is when someone feel really inadequate about himself or herself. There is a high degree of disapproval, saying “NO” to oneself, a clear lack of self-love.

In this case, someone know at an intuitive or subconscious level what is really desired, but, there is such amount of bad feeling about oneself that it is best to hide it from awareness in order to not feel even worse.

Who you really are, your true self always know what is good for you as a career path. There is no way your true self does not know, but, someone can hide this information from awareness and pretend that he doesn’t know:

“What do you want do for a living ? I do not know my mind is blank, I feel numb, I have no idea”

Which really means :”I use my ego to resist knowing what I truly want because I have so many resistances to having a happy life”

Here is a great technique you can do to find out what you are hiding from yourself or even if you kind of know what you want to do, but you are not sure. This technique will provide you clarity.

Sit quietly and let go of the bad feelings and thoughts, feelings and beliefs you have toward yourself then give yourself love, say “yes” to yourself.

Make a list of the good things you already have in life, give gratitude for what you already have, give gratitude to others.

Give yourself love by just accepting to feel love for yourself.  DO IT for half hour if it doesn’t work, DO IT for 3 or 4 hours until it works.

When you do this exercise, write on a paper the phrase: “I know what is my ideal career path”

As you give yourself love, you will arrive at a place where you naturally allow to see what is your ideal career or job. It might take minutes, hours or days. If you persist you will clearly know what the ideal career path to pursue.

The secret to a happy life is to love yourself.

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