This morning I went to agency to book a train trip to Hong Kong, the trip was three hours long. The Guangzhou East Train Station was huge as everything in China.

Guangzhou train station
Guangzhou East Train Station – 4th floor.

Hong Kong is a big very big shopping paradise, you have huge shopping area with exclusively luxury brands (Dior, Amarni, etc….) Some area have low-cost stuffs I found a HD camcorder for 1780 HK dollars this is very cheap, to cheap to be true in Europe HD camcorder cost 5 or 6 times. 1780 HK dollars it is like 170 Euro. Anyway I’m not in a hurry, I’m only on third day. I will see that later.

Hong Kong people are elegants however they are colder than the folks from Guangzhou aside from shopping there is little today here, there is a Disney resort but I’m not really interested. I’m impressed that wireless Internet access is free…

Hong Kong Center
View from my hotel room window in Hong Kong (center) downtown

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