My congolose friend may be doesn’t like Chinese women or may be she is jealous, I’m assuming the later after all, you don’t stay 4 years in China if you do not like the people. Before China she was in Brussels, Belgium, she thinks Brussels is boring in fact in a recent poll Brussels was voted the most boring capital of the EU. You can read the full story at : Brussels Most Boring City in Europe
I completely agree with that Brussels is dull….:)
Now, well, today I was walking with her and we passed by a jewelry shop, two girls saw me, they smile and one of the girl shouted something to me in Chinese, my friend said with disdain look these girls they shout, when they talk it is like they fight.
Each time I’m with her and I attract the interest of a Chinese girl she has a negative remark to make …..
Ok, this is not too important, it was very sunny today, I had a long walk in the city center area.

Citic Plaza
At front of the Citic Plaza

Citic Plaza

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  1. Jasper 16 ans Il y a

    Nice pics, seeing is believing 😉
    (and those citys really look great)

    be well!

  2. Auteur
    Louis Yagera 16 ans Il y a

    Thanks 🙂

    Any news of Flo ?

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