I’m just back of some great holiday in Castelldefels near Barcelona. Me and my girlfriend, we liked this place so much that we decided to move there.
Castelldefels is very green with mountains and beaches. There are a lot of very beautiful bars and restaurants. It is also located near Barcelona with very easy to access to the city by trains and buses.
It is good for my girlfriend as she wants to work as an air hostess. She has more chances to find a job in Barcelona than Valencia.
I want to share some pictures of what could be my new town in the very near future.

Maybe, my future street.

The beach of Castelldefels in the evening.

A street packed with seafood restaurants.

The reggae bar on the beach.

Lazy day by the swimpool

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  1. Jasper 14 ans Il y a

    Hi Louis!
    That really looks nice! I´ve learned to love this southern flair very much during my days in Lyon and Marseille.
    Wish you all the best,


    • Auteur
      Louis Yagera 14 ans Il y a

      Thanks Jasper, btw, if you want to visit me with Florian when I will be there, you are welcome ! 😉

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