China has a all the characteristic of a police state for a simple train ride, I needed 4 documents.
One document asking me if I was in contact with someone infected with desease like SARS , Tuberculosis , …
One document called Arrival Card to tell that I arrive in Guangzhou I can be put in their database
My passport , (Checked at least 3 times)
One visa because leaving Hong Kong to go back to China, you need a new visa….unless you have a multiple entries visa, I came to China with a one entry visa.
Hong Kong Restaurant
Here I’m in a restaurant in the Mong Kok (Hong Kong) area

Hong Kong fog
Fog over the city, view from the island

Spain is known for its red tape but China bureaucracy is even worse this aside the day was very nice but foggy very foggy but nice. I stayed all day in Hong Kong and I left at 7.30 pm. I’m writing this from the nice Star Hotel in Guangzhou.

I saw the city of Shenzhen from the train window, I had to Photoshop it, because it was poor quality. It is may be time for me to invest in a better quality camera ? 🙂


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