Everybody seems to love this picture which I took 2 days ago in the wood when it was -10°C over here in Brussels. I took it with my new Canon EOS600D which I got for my birthday which is tomorrow:) It was an excellent manifesting. This camera is usually sold at retailers for 700 EURO. But, when I went to the store they asked me, if I got a membercard. I replied « yes » and they say « There is a special promotion! » So I got the camera with a 159 EURO discount and I was able to get some accessories such as UV filter and a 8 Gb storage card optimized for video. Go online you will not find a deal like this anywhere, I m happy with this birtday manifesting:) I paid 595 EURO in total.

Brussels under the snow

Neige à Bruxelles


La vie est un voyage, appréciez la balade !

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