I’m taking a few days off, I go to Andalucia , I will be in Granada, I have never been there, I even do not know what this city looks like and I will also go to Malaga, for once, I will have the chance to visit Malaga, it has always been a transit place for me. I will be back next week, I wont post anything, I do not take my laptop.

The brainsync winners are Ally, Ava, Faisal, Henry, John, Derrick and Ikarius, please, choose your mp3 at Brainsync.com when I will be back next week I will send it to you. You can post your choice down here or you can email at louis.yagera AT gmail.com, I can check my gmail account from my ipod touch , you can also use the normal contact page .

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  1. ava 15 ans Il y a

    Hi louis. Thanks for the MP3. I am really grateful. The best choice for practising love meditation will be The Secret to Attracting Love, with the guided meditation, right? I want to practise love meditation so I think I will go with that.

    Thank you. And have a nice trip in Granada.

  2. ally 15 ans Il y a

    thank you louis for your nice present! i am so happy about winning! i guess my choice is the same as avas. so i want to have The Secret to Attractin Love. hope it will be of great help for me.

  3. Derrick 15 ans Il y a

    Dear Louis thank you! My choice is also the same The Secret to Attracting Love. 🙂

  4. Faisal 15 ans Il y a

    Hey louis! I think I will go with everyone else also.
    I would like to try out the secret to attracting love.

    Lets all feel it up with infinite unconditional love 🙂

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