Last month, I had the chance to visit Toledo the medevial town near Madrid. Toledo is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was a very hot day not the hottest day of the summer but the temperature was 41 º C (106 º F), no matter what amount of water I drank, I wasnt really feeling fresh, it was very suffocating, my friend, a russian woman had even more problem than me with the sun. It was really a memorable day, we enjoyed it.

I took some pictures and video.

This video was taken from the tour bus that we took from the train station, we came from Madrid. The tour bus was waiting the tourists from the train, most people from the train were tourists very little numbers of locals. The train station is a little bit outside of the town, Toledo just like Carcassonne in France has its historical center surrounded by a wall.

Toledo has an amazing cathedral, but, we couldn’t visit it (t-shirt, skirt and camera not allowed) But, at least, we took some pictures outside and it was enough for me.

toledo catedral

Toledo is basically living off its tourism market, the town is packed with souvenir stores mostly selling pirate-like gun and swords.

Also everything is incredibly expensive in Todelo, nearly 4 euro for a beer and my friend ate a hamburger, she paid 5,45 euro (8 dollars).
On the following picture you can see the wall surrounding the old part of the town.

walled town toledo, spain

Me, at the Toledo train station. I like the design of the train station.
train station toledo
If you go to Madrid , take a day to visit Toledo 😉

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  1. diantha 15 ans Il y a

    Louis, my husband and I went to Toledo years ago when one of our sons was studying abroad in Grenada. We adored every place we went to in Spain. We did get inside the cathedral and it is quite unusual way in the back behind the altar. Thanks for sharing your visit there. Brought back great memories.

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