This is a very good presentation by Andrew Frank on how to ask people money to finance your film, artwork or projet.
Important points are covered:

  • Strategies for getting over anxiety –> “The absence of the ask is the same as saying : I don’t believe in my work in some levels”. If you believe in yourself to ask is genuine !
  • Don’t be afraid of “NO” this is another step to “YES”
  • Do not rejection personally if you are rejected it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you.
  • Asking for money is not a sign that you are not successful. World class people ask for money ALL the time.
  • The world needs your gift. Raise the money. Create your project. The world wants it.
  • Asking for money will make your work better as you answers and clarify many points (Who are you? what this is all about? Is the best way to do it, why not do it that other way?)
  • Pitching has 4 main sections:
  • 1 -Opening – set the stage for the conversation about raising money for your project, introduce yourself.
  • 2 -asking money, how much, for what, etc…
  • 3-The story- talking , describing the project
  • 4 -Wrap up and thank you
  • Pitching is not about performing it is about being YOU
  • Be specific about the amount of money you want to raise (I’m raising 20 000. I’m hoping you might give me 2 000 of that ?)
  • Know where the money is going to the detail (cost of pre, post, production, etc ….)
  • People give for 4 basic reasons : Mission, Access, Status and Social. Tailor your offer, If you ask about someone who care about Mission, Status, Social or Access then tailor your offer to match that with that person.
  • Know the story: Why are you working on this project? important, why? why does it matter? why now? who is involved? your dreams?
  • Always be grateful! Do not take and run, follow-up with your donors.
  • Say thank you even if you don’t get the money. Maybe,  next time, you will get fund from that person. You never know. Keep potentials donors in the loop, maybe, they have contact that might help you or maybe your project will become more interesting to them as you advance.
  • Say to yourself every day “Money comes to me easily”
  • Create, capture a list of potential donors
  • Build a team, it is  harder to succeed solo.

Have a lot fun !

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