On April 1st, I moved to Dublin, Ireland. I was supposed to stay 2 months but I finally decided to stay a year.
The life in Dublin is easy and many of my Spanish friends moved here. (I do not know any Irish at this point.)
The other day, I signed a rent contract for one year. I will share a flat with 2 Spanish girls. They are friends of mine. In Ireland, I like going in the countryside or in the forest for walking and doing long session of release. I feel relaxed, the countryside here is just great.

Blarney Lake
Blarney lake

Blarney Castle - View from the entrance
Blarney Castle – View from the entrance

The only dark side of living in Dublin is that it is a slightly racist town. You can be arrested or assaulted for simply being black or muslim. People think that UK and Ireland are less racist than Germany. Thats not really true. Germany is less racist than UK and Ireland.
As far as I’m concerned I do not have much trouble. I will survive well 😉
While I do not have any Irish friend. I do not think bad of Irish people. Most of the people that I have interacted with were friendly and polite. It is a good country with good people. Just in Dublin or even Belfast be careful to not be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Me in Glendalough

As you know; I also study filmmaking. An Italian pop-rock band asked me to collaborate with them on their video clips projects. I also hope to make some great videos shoot in the Irish countryside and in the mountains for my various youtube channels. I have a project for a documentary film. If I’m ready I might start filming here in Ireland.

in the irish pub Sin-é
Here,I’m having fun in a Irish pub. So as you can see. Life isn’t that bad over here.

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  1. Leysa Alcantara 12 ans Il y a

    Be sure to visit the Hill of Tara located to the north of Dublin.  Last summer I went there with Seamus, a sexy Irish man I met at Navan.  He brought some bottles of Guinness and we had fun dancing, drinking and so much more.  We didn’t have any protection.  I got pregnant, but that’s another story.

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